Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Should You Hire Spit Braai Caterers?

You might have thought about hiring spit braai cateres for your next spit braai.  But part of you might be hesitant.  You might be wondering, what type of spit braai company should I hire? 

What type of meal is going to be appropriate for my venue, and would be pleasing for my guest?  

You might have even heard of people using a caterer that specializes in spitbraais.  This might have sounded like a nice idea for you, but you might be wondering what a spit braai catering company could do for you and your event?

Spit Braai Caterers = No Hassles = No Stress

There is plenty that a spit braai catering company can do for you and your event.  The main thing that they can do, is to simply make your life easier. 

You could try to contemplate a menu, and then proceed to shop for all of the needed ingredients.  You could also run around town for all of the needed plates, cutlery, napkins, and utensils. 

You'd find very quickly that you'd be quite worn out, and that's even before you start cooking, and hosting the party.  Wouldn't it do you a lot of good to find someone who could bring all of the needed items to your home or venue?

And what if these same people not only cooked the food to your pre-arranged specifications, but also supervised to make sure that the food was at the proper temperature, and always served fresh?  Now imagine these same people performing clean up duties for you.  You'd be a fool not to get help with all of this.

In addition to this, you can rest assure that a great spit braai catering company can create a meal that is as simple and approachable as you need it to be, or as upscale and refined as you wish. 

Lamb Spit Braai and other Meats

There are many ways to prepare foods via a spit braai that are more sophisticated than a normal braai.  You could serve up a lamb on a spit, or seafood, served with garden fresh vegetables, and crispy fresh salads.  

The menu that you create with our staff is totally up to you.  You can create a most delicious variety that you will be proud to serve to your guest.

So ask yourself, which would you rather?  Would you rather run around ragged with all of the cost, preparations, and details?  Would you rather be so tired that you have no energy to enjoy the guest and the party? 

Or would you rather leave all of these details to spit braai catering company who wants nothing more than to make your event a success? 


Thursday, November 18, 2010

3 Things About Spit Braai Caterers You Don't Know

When you are considering caterers, and you are thinking about what type of food that you'd like to serve at your event, a lot of ideas might run through your head.  Here's a question. 

Have you ever considered a spit braai? 

Lamb spit braai is great to serve at your party or function for so many reasons.  The main reason is that spit braais extremely versatile.  Not only is a spit braai  versatile way to serve up a good meal, but it can also be healthy, and accommodating for people with special dietary needs.

1. Spit Braais For Any Occasion

First off, you might want to serve up food for a formal event such as a wedding, an anniversary, or a formal dance.   You might at first thought feel that a lamb spit braai is too low-key, but this couldn't be further from the truth.

2. Spit Braai Varieties
You don't have to be confined to a lamb spit, or other common meats.  You could have any meats served up for your guests. 

You could of course serve up a round of beef, or various cuts of steak.  These could be accompanied with fresh vegetables, also grilled, and or a fresh salad.  And we're not just talking about the grocery store variety.  We're talking about fresh greens that allow you to sense the flavours of the earth that harvested them. 

Then again, you might just want to keep things casual.  Maybe you are hosting a party, or a simple get together with friends or family.  Then certainly  spit braai will be pleasing to all that are invited. 

A spit braai shows off its versatility again, when you choose cuts of meats for the adults, and maybe serve any youngsters meats such as burgers, or chicken.  By the way, selecting simpler cuts of meats for the kids helps to control the cost of the meats.  

3. Different Spit Braai Cooking Methods

Spit braais are  an umbrella term for food that is prepared on the grill.  However, the food can be roasted, smoked, or prepared on the rotisserie.   Particularly with smoking and rotisserie, the meat will be juicy, and falling off the bone. 

Not only will the aroma of this meat drive your guest insane with desire, but the tender meat will easily pull off of the bone, and therefore stretch further amongst your guest.

Of course, there will always be guest that have dietary considerations.  You can totally create a vegetarian meal around spit braai preparations.  Many fine recipes use vegetables such as portobello mushrooms. 

Many cooks rave about its meaty texture and taste.  Tofu is a great meat substitute as well, and grills very well.  Some people might not be vegetarians, but might be simply wanting to eat lean and healthy protein options.

Fish and seafood are excellent spit braai choices.  They are quick an easy to cook up, retain an excellent flavour when grilled, and are low in fat.

These are but a few reasons as to why you should consider a spit braai menu, and spit braai catering company.

As long as you are considering a spit braai, you should allow us to create a menu for you that will leave your guest spreading rave reviews about your event.  Very few people don't like spit braais.

Many side dishes compliment spit braais so well.  And the best part about hiring a spit braai catering company, is that all of the utensils are provided, and then disposed of for you.  All that is left for you to do is to plan a menu that will leave you and your guest craving for more.